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Oppo Bangladesh Job Circular 2020

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Oppo Bangladesh Job Circular 2020


OPPO Bangladesh Job Circular 2020. You can check the mobile company job requirements by following below job circular details which may help you to easily understand their conditions like educational qualification, salary range, job location, duty time, target, etc.


Oppo companies are producing smart devices, internet services like oppo cloud & ultrasonic features, cameras with high definition. So, Oppo is a globally familiar smartphone brand nowadays & capturing a lot of market shares.


Satisfying customers is the kernel of Oppo Bangladesh Communication Equipment Co.Ltd  business. Oppo keeps that in mind & produces Co-operative & Co-developed products for their customers. Because of their hard work, their demands are increasing. Feedbacks are so positive from customers that provide & inspire oppo companies to release products in a cycle & weekly firmware updated based on customer feedback.


Oppo Bangladesh Communication Equipment Co.Ltd  has some job circular for July 2020 with several conditions. If you are interested, skilled & hardworking then grab the opportunity to apply. Because the Oppo group thinks that youngsters are more qualified and energetic to cherish and do wellbeing in the job sectors.


For your kind apprise, we have shared all the compulsory job details along with Educational Qualifications, Experience, Age & Salary below. We also shared the CV process. Read attentively, and if you find interest & applicable for you then grab the opportunity to apply.


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Oppo Company Information

  • OPPO Bangladesh Communication Equipment Co. Ltd.
  • Address: 144, Police Plaza Concord, Tower B, Floor # 9, Gulshan # 01, Dhaka – 1212.
  • For more details please check the website: Oppo Career
  • Email: [email protected]


This company is about Smartphone sales, distribution negotiations, sales channel management, sales team management. 

Oppo entered the Bangladeshi smartphone market a few years ago. Within a short time, oppo captured 5% of the smartphone market in Bangladesh. Oppo launched its first phone in 2008. In the mid of 2012, Oppo invented the world’s thinnest smartphone. 

It was the world’s first smartphone with hardware supported HDR. From the beginning, their target was to explore technologies. Now oppo has the ability to bring extraordinary & aesthetic ideas of technology to impress their customers globally. 


Oppo Bangladesh Communication Job summary

Front Desk Executive – Careers at Oppo

  • Category: General Manager/ Admin
  • Vacancies: 2 
  • Educational Requirements: BBA
  • Priorities Of University: AIUB, Asian University For women, BUBT, BRAC University 
  • Experience: 1-2 years, Should have experience in the following Administration area.
  • Age: 20-28 years old.
  • Application Deadline: 25th July, 2020
  • Job type: Private 
  • Employee status: Fulltime 
  • Job Location: Dhaka


  • Only female can apply
  • Mobile Bill
  • 2 Festival Allowance 
  • Yearly salary review 


Front Desk Executive Job Responsibility:

  • Manage all the responsibilities rightfully. 
  • Bespoke ID card,training room,Visiting card,meeting room booking .
  • Provides necessary information & greeting all the guests with care.
  • Receive phone calls, parcels and letters then transfer these to related departments. 
  • Collect all the reimbursement bills,checks & send it to the Administrator.
  • Maintain a clean and gentle environment for the co workers. 
  • Arrangement of the official program & assist other admins related work.
  • Line manager will assign other tasks.


After sales service Executive

  • Category: Customer support/Call Centre 
  • Vacancy: 5
  • Educational Qualifications: BBA, MBA
  • Skills: Customer service, Management, call centre, Supervision, Telecommunication, service.
  • Experience: 8 years experience. 
  • Age: Maximum 35 years old. 
  • Job location: Anywhere in Bangladesh 
  • Salary: 35000-50000
  • Employee status: Fulltime 
  • Application Deadline: 25th july,2020


  • Both genders can apply for this post.
  • Yearly salary review 
  • 2 Festival bonus 
  • Mobile Bill


After Sales Service Executive Responsibility

  • Coordinate of work between employees to ensure the feats. 
  • Cheer up the workers to combat & perform effectively to reach their goal.
  • Query & formulate the workers performance rating rewards and promotion also other activities. 
  • Work according to plans and operate status budget and costs. 
  • The General Manager will assign the task.


Maintenance Engineer – Oppo BD Career

  • Category: Engineering/ Architecture 
  • Vacancy: 5
  • Educational Qualifications: Bachelor In Engineering 
  • Preference for University: RUET, CUET, BUET
  • Experience:  1-2 Years 
  • Age:  Maximum 30 years old 
  • Salary: 30000-45000
  • Employee status: Fulltime 
  • Job location: Dhaka


  • Only males are allowed to apply. 
  • Yearly salary review 
  • 2 Festival bonus 
  • Mobile Bill


Maintenance Engineer Job Responsibility

  • Participate in various training activities and implement a repair operation process to complete other tasks properly .
  • Detect, maintain and replace mobile phones, issuing inspection results to provide the accurate proof for smart phone change or replacement during the guarantee period.
  • Issuing maintenance form and repairing the products at the agreed time.
  • Repair experience on Smartphone (customer service-related work experience, familiar with the mobile phone repair progress and requirements) is of high priority.
  • Analysis and solve the problem through software or hardware, which are getting by the customers.
  • Familiar with software & electronic components of smart phones, also capable of using electronic instruments to measure components and circuits.
  • Complete company requirements on the data of the repaired mobile phone and responsible for smartphone components counting.
  • Implement strictly company maintenance regulation, using maintenance tools 
  • Participate in various training activities and implement a repair operation process to complete other tasks properly.


Retail Assistant – Oppo Bangladesh

  • Vacancy: 5
  • Category: Marketing/ sales 
  • Educational Qualifications: BBA
  • Preference for University: AIUB, AUB, BRAC University, JU
  • Skills: Working ability at any time or any difficult situation 
  • Experience: 1 years experience, Advertising promotion, Advertising Firm or Equivalent 
  • Age: 26 year 
  • Salary: 18000-25000
  • Job Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh 
  • Employee status: Fulltime 
  • Deadline: 25th July 2020



  • Yearly salary review 
  • 2 Festival bonus 
  • Mobile Bill


Retail Assistant Job Responsibility :

  • Maintain & record all the bills and payments properly.
  • Communicate with the Sales team gently.
  • Note down sales team requirements and complain carefully. 
  • Communicate with vendors and follow-up ongoing work.
  • Communicate with warehouse people.
  • Follow-up market branding (offline branding) according to realme brand sign standard and make a report.


Manager Brand shape IOT

  • Category: IT/Telecommunication
  • Vacancy: 5
  • Educational Qualifications: BBA,MBA
  • Preference for University: AUST, BRAC University, CUET, BUET, AIUB
  • Experience: Minimum 10 years 
  • Skills: 
  • IOS & Android base smart device support,
  • Mobile Applications development in android or cross-platform, 
  • Project Management,
  • Technology Projects Management 
  • Age: Maximum 35 years old 
  • Salary: 
  • Job location: Anywhere in Bangladesh 
  • Employee status: Fulltime 
  • Deadline: 25th July, 2020



  • Only males are allowed to apply 
  • Yearly salary review 
  • 2 Festival bonus 
  • Mobile Bill


Manager Brand Shape IOT Job Responsibility:

  • Responsible for overall channel open and development, sales strategy, business main push.
  • According to the company’s annual operating target, responsible for formulating the annual promotion target of IOT products, formulating promotion plans and organizing implementation.
  • Operating target,responsible for formulating sales plan and channel development plan according to the company’s annual operating target.
  • Responsible for overall channel open and development, sales strategy, business main push.IOT team management.
  • Correct implementation of policies.Update the work feedback of the entire department in the correct way of execution.
  • Responsible for IOT product sales and promotion.
  • Responsible for formulating formal policies for each proposal.
  • Responsible for team growth.
  • The management will accomplish any other assigned tasks.


Junior Compliance 

  • Category: Law/ Legal
  • Vacancy: 2
  • Educational Qualifications: BBA
  • Experience: 1 year 
  • Skills: Business Negotiation, 
  •            Documentation skill
  • Age: 25 Maximum 
  • Job location: Anywhere in Bangladesh 
  • Salary:
  • Employee status: Fulltime 
  • Deadline: 25th July,2020


  • Both genders are allowed to apply 
  • Yearly salary review 
  • 2 Festival bonus 
  • Mobile Bill


Junior Compliance Executive Job Responsibilities: 

  • Develop and maintain organizational data required for different regulatory offices.
  • Data analysis and management utilizing the best suitable methods.
  • Problem-solving by utilizing proper skills within the timeline.
  • The documentation process of different government regulatory offices.


Commercial Executive – Oppo Bangladesh Job Circular

  • Category: Commercial/ Supply chain 
  • Vacancy: 5
  • Educational Qualifications: BBA
  • Skills: Report Generation ability 
  • Experience:
  • Minimum 2 years in inventory management & Telecommunication.
  • Age: 26 years old 
  • Salary: 30000-35000 tk
  • Employee status: Fulltime 
  • Job location: Anywhere in Bangladesh 
  • Deadline: 25th July, 2020


  • Yearly salary review 
  • 2 Festival bonus 
  • Mobile Bill


Commercial Executive Job Responsibility 

  • Ensure delivery materials quality, quantity & Implement T&C to Vendor approved by company.
  • Delivery ensured to the warehouse.
  • Record all warehouse materials stock & collaterally work with the Inventory department.
  • Complaint and problem regarding materials record and solution.
  • Ensure After sales service from Vendor about materials.
  • Weekly reconciliation with inventory dept. 
  • Warehouse materials & Inform for purchase before materials stock finished.

Oppo Bangladesh Career Summary

If you wish to be a part of OPPO Bangladesh Career, please check the job details by given bd jobs careers and check with your qualification, if you think you are good one for the mobile company job bd then submit or send your CV in company address or via E-mail.


In the rapid progress of technology and science, it goes on creating one wonder after another. It has changed the face of the world. Humans are dominating over nature with the help of science. Technology in everyday life is too many to describe. Like the invention of the internet and its greatest advancement in the field of communication. It is the computerised process with the telephone set. It has made the world smaller and brought the world in our reach.


That’s all about OPPO Bangladesh Communication Equipment Co.Ltd. job circular july 2020. It is a reputed & leading joint-venture private commercial company & is looking for a group of bright,talented, proactive, energetic, well experienced, courageous, honest, & the power to take superintendent over any hard situation also freshers are willing to accept challenging careers.


If you think oppo job circular posts are appropriate and applicable for you then submit your application. Thank you for reading the OPPO Company Job Circular 2020.


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